Hi. I'm Michael Arntzenius, a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon. Call me "rntz", it's short and not prone to name collision. I'm a programmer, and my area of interest is programming language theory, design, and implementation.


Email daekharel@gmail.com
IRC rntz on freenode
AIM daekharel
Jabber daekharel@gmail.com
Twitter @arntzenius
Andrew ID marntzen

I don't have a PGP key (yet).

About the website

This website is hosted with NearlyFreeSpeech.NET. I use Markdown, Sass, Mako, YAML, and SCons to generate the XHTML and CSS from source files. You can see the source for a given page by changing ".html" in the url to ".page", or to ".post" for a page in my thought repository. The source for a page is Markdown, optionally preceded by a YAML metadata header terminated by "...".


All content on these pages for which I hold copyright is licensed under the WTFPL version 2.